Tempe Locksmith Store Lock Change For A Car Tempe, AZ


The locking system on your vehicle door is just like every other ordinary lock. It will get less efficient with time and - due to regular wear, accidents, bad keys, or adverse weather – will one day stop working entirely. If you are looking for a lock change for a car in Tempe, AZ, then Tempe Locksmith Store is a great option. We can get the lock changed with a brand new high-quality one in a short span of time, at an affordable price. We have helped countless car owners with their lock and key problems over the years, so we have a great deal of expertise with changing locks.

When should you hire us?

When do you need a lock change for a car ? It will all depend on your unique situation and requirements. Here are some of the common scenarios where our customers need to change their locks:Tempe Locksmith Store Tempe, AZ 602-687-1383

  • After a falling out someone: If you’ve had a falling out with someone who has a copy of the car keys, you could prevent them from getting into your vehicle without permission by having the locks changed.
  • Because the old locks are broken/worn out: If the old lock(s) has stopped working, then you should get a new one.
  • As an added safety measure: Some of our customers get their locks changed as an added safety/security measure.  

Get locks changed or rekeyed affordably

Our locksmiths can change (or rekey) your locks quickly and affordably, regardless of the make and model of your car. We cause absolutely no damage to the vehicle while we remove the old lock. We are also dab hands at installation, so any locking system you get installed from us will be just as safe and effective as your old one and will protect your vehicle against thieves and vandals. Our lock change for a car service will not only replace door locks, but also the lock on the trunk.

Please note: You may need two separate keys

Depending on the vehicle type, after you go for our lock change for a car service, you are going to need two separate keys: one for your car door and the other for the ignition switch. Modern car keys – smart keys – have a chip embedded in them with a unique code on it. The car needs to read this code to start.

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